KUTNİA's Story – Kutnia

The brave city of Gaziantep, which has managed to preserve many unique values ​​from its multicultural and unique historical texture to its world-famous tastes for generations and keep it alive until today, continues this tradition by hosting Kutnia.

The Story of Kutnu

Kutnu, a type of fabric consisting of the blending of the silk raw material that first reached Anatolia through the Silk Road, with cotton, was created in the 16th century. It has become one of the most sought after and most valuable fabrics of the 19th century Ottoman and European palace fashion, with the added value of the weaving techniques developed in Gaziantep and unique to this region.

Gaziantep, again, comes to the rescue of Kutnu, which lost its former popularity due to the weaving process, which is predominantly handcrafted and requires mastery, and its narrow width, which is not suitable for industrialized production equipment, and is about to disappear in the 21st century.

Kutnu fabric, which was included in the scope of a socio-cultural protection and acquisition project initiated by the local authorities in 2015, came back to life in a stronger way than before under the Kutnia brand, which was established in Gaziantep in 2017 under the leadership of Jülide Konukoğlu.

Combination of Kutnu and passion: KUTNIA

When Kutnia took her first steps, we always had the same goal in our minds and hearts; To create products that will create admiration in domestic and international platforms by preserving the originality of this treasure-worthy fabric, which came out of Gaziantep, and adapting it to today's fast and modernized production techniques.

After realizing the production process improvements, which have become a passion for us as a result of extensive R&D studies, we focused all our energies on directing Kutnia to successful adventures.

Today, all fabrics produced by the precious weaving masters of the Kutnia family and the craftsmen of the young generation are transformed into unique and exclusive collection pieces that can be enjoyed by today's consumers, while preserving the unique texture of centuries ago, in the hands of the visionary design team.

While upholding traditional values
our entrepreneurial founder, who has succeeded with an innovative perspective;

Julide Konukoglu

Jülide Konukoğlu, who comes from an industrialist family from Gaziantep, realizes that it is a rare opportunity, both culturally and commercially, to bring this valuable fabric to modern production, from the moment she is appointed to the project of protecting and promoting Kutnu.

Jülide Hanım, who set out with the aim of improving Kutnu fabric and production techniques, established Kutnia in 2017 by providing the necessary infrastructure and investments. With the young, entrepreneurial and social responsibility conscious team he created, he accomplished the difficult task in a short time and made Kutnia a signatory of international collaborations within a few years.

Today, Kutnia has succeeded in becoming a lifestyle brand based in Gaziantep, supporting local employment, offering opportunities to learn craftsmanship to future generations in a master-apprentice relationship, and making its voice heard among the giants of the world.

We hope to celebrate the future victories of Kutnia together with you in this meaningful and exciting adventure where Jülide Konukoğlu and her team continue to work to raise the bar for success and make Kutnia a “must have” brand for both domestic and international customers.

“Those who cleverly adapt this traditional fabric to modern use.
The Kutnia brand has become a success story heard everywhere.”

— Forbes